What is a Parking Charge Notice?
A Parking Charge Notice commonly shortened to ‘PCN’ is issued to a vehicle parked in breach of the Terms and Conditions of parking on private land. This is not to be confused with Penalty Charge Notice – it is, in this context, a Parking Charge Notice. It can be affixed to a vehicle or can be sent through the post. The notice issued to the driver of the vehicle explains the time frames for payment, how payment can be made and also how to appeal the parking charge. Both payments and appeals can be made by post or on-line.

Why have I received a PCN?
Parking on private land is either permitted or restricted by a landowner. The landowner can protect the land through contract and/or trespass law. In most cases, contract law will prevail. In relation to parking, Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) of parking are displayed by way of signage, and a contract is formed if the driver accepts the terms as displayed. A PCN is issued if the T&Cs are breached.

What is a Penalty Notice?
If you have received a Penalty Notice, it is because the private land in question is being managed under Railway Byelaws; the Protection of Freedoms Act does not apply in this instance, and the Owner of the vehicle is liable for the penalty.

What is an NTO or NTK?
NTO stands for Notice to Owner, NTK stands for Notice to Keeper, and is a notice that is sent to the registered keeper after a PCN has been issued and if it has not already been paid. It is written confirmation to a Registered Keeper that the PCN is still outstanding and will also provide details of the choices available in order to deal with the PCN.

What happens if I ignore an NTK?
If an NTK is ignored, processes are instigated to collect the money due on the outstanding PCN. It is possible that the value of the PCN will be increased as a result. Contrary to the advice given on various forums, ignoring a PCN issued on private land is not the best course of action. If you feel you have been issued with a PCN incorrectly, the best thing to do is to contact us.  Do not just ignore your PCN, get in touch with us.

Who is responsible for paying the PCN?
The driver of the vehicle is responsible for payment. In certain circumstances, liability can pass to the Registered Keeper. If the Registered Keeper indicates that another person is responsible, further enquiries will be made.

Are Parking Charges enforceable?
Yes. A Judgment handed down by the Supreme Court (Parking Eye v Beavis) on 04 November 2015 confirms parking regimes which impose charges where motorists overstay or breach the terms of their contractual licence to park are enforceable charges. A copy of the Judgment is available here.

What happens if I dispute the PCN?
You should not ignore the notice, if you do the amount due may increase. Instructions on what to do will be shown on the PCN. You should contact us and explain your reasons for any dispute. If you appeal within the time limit stipulated, you will have a further opportunity to pay at the reduced rate.

Am I able to refer to an independent body?
For PCNs issued after 1 October 2012 an independent appeals service has been established and is available if you have been provided with a unique IAS number.

What is POPLA?
POPLA stands for Parking on Private Land Appeals and is an independent appeals service funded by operators that are members of the British Parking Association.

What is IAS?
The IAS is an acronym for 'Independent Parking Appeals' and is an appeals service provided by the IPC.

What happens if I lose my appeal but don't to pay?
If you lose your appeal to you should pay the PCN. If you refuse, the amount of the PCN may increase and legal action may be taken to recover the amount of money due.

Is there any legislation to which I can refer?
Your attention is drawn to the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and in particular Section 56 and Schedule 4. If you have received a Penalty Notice, please refer to the Railway Byelaws.

What happens if I do not pay?
We advise you to pay. If you do not, then the matter will be passed to our solicitors, and the balance will increase as a result. If you have a legitimate reason for non-payment, get in touch with us.

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